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TPL Website has moved to the CPL Website

Please go to Cardinal Premier League Website for TPL application on the front page (Under News on the bottom Left)

TPL Spring 2022 Application

All teams must fill out this application to be considered for play in Spring 2022 any questions please contact

Edit Team Application

If you have changes to the application you have already submitted please use this link along with your pin to edit the application.

The Premiere League is based in Cincinnati, OH and encompasses the best U10-U12 girl's and boy's soccer teams in the tri-state (OH, KY, IN) area and beyond.

Referee Fees

Age Group Play Halves Ref AR Team Payment 2 Centers 2 Ctr Team Payment
U9/U10 7v7 25 min 38 28 47 45 45
U10 9v9 30 min 46 36 59 56 56
U11/U12 9v9 30 min 46 36 59 56 56
U13/U14 11v11 35 min 52 42 68 n/a n/a

Spring 2022 Brackets

Any questions please email

For any Spring 2022 questions please email


COVID Guidelines

The Premiere League is currently following Ohio Department of Health guidelines and recommends communicating with your local health department. Also see ODH Recommended Options for Quarantine.